Episode 23: When Communication Breaks Down

Jennifer gives listeners an update on her dog, Enki (and thanks everyone for their messages of support).  Angela discusses an article on the challenges of living in a triad relationship for the newswire segment.  Today, we are joined by Carey Heartborne who is a private mediator that specializes in Transformative Mediation (and who also happens to be non-mongamous) who brings us the unique perspective of how to view communication when it’s not going well.  It was an amazing conversation.

Here are some other resources mentioned on the show:

Brene Brown’s TED Talk on Shame

Brene Brown’s TED Talk on Vulnerability

Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B Rosenberg, PhD


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Episode 21: Dating

In this episode, we are joined again by our friend Matt from the Apropos of Nothing Podcast (you might remember him from episode 9) to come back into the Poly In The Cities sound lab and talk with us about the scary and exhilarating world of dating.

We also have our first installment of our Poly In The Cities newswire, where everyone discusses a recent article (more like an Op Ed) in The Federalist about polyamory.  It’s a frustrating article, but we were able to power through it.

Here’s a link to the Polyamory Weekly’s User Manual Guide that Angela mentions on the show.

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