Episode 47: Polyamory Podcasting with Cunning Minx

In this episode, we are joined by Cunning Minx, the host of the Polyamory Weekly, the longest polyamory podcast on the internet.  She joined us via Skype to share with us her experiences of what it is like to run such a successful podcast, some of her favorite guests, and her thoughts about the landscape of polyamory.  It was an awesome chat.  There’s even a fun twist at the end were you hear how we contribute to a potential future guest on her show!


Other information mentioned on the show:

RTFM: The User Manual

The Rope Cast

Pedestrian Polyamory Podcast

Mistress Matisse

The Twisted Monk

Reid Mihalko

Catalyst Con

Franklin Veaux


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Episode 43: Mono/Poly Relationships with Franklin Veaux

To kick off Season 3, we are joined by Franklin Veaux, author of More Than Two and The Game Changer who joined us here on Poly In The Cities to help us unpack the complexities of the Mono/Poly relationship dynamic.  We also discussed the Relationship Bill of Rights as well as other very important details of how to have successful polyamorous relationships.

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Other resources/events mentioned on the show:


Local Buddhism and Polyamory discussion panel in Minneapolis



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Episode 42: A Look Back on Season 2

As Season 2 of Poly In The Cities comes to a close, Jennifer and Angela discuss what it’s been like to work together, their favorite moments, memorable episodes, and their hopes for Season 3.

Jennifer talks about the upcoming #smellslikesoup story collection campaign for a future episode.

The details for our celebration party for Season 3 have been decided!!  Listen in for more details and keep an eye on our social media when we get closer to June 17th!

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Other resources mentioned in this episode:

Apropos of Nothing Podcast

Manwhore Podcast

Poly Friendly Therapists from the OpeningUp Website

“The Jealousy Workbook” by Kathy Labriola

“Come As You Are” by Emily Nagoski



Episode 40: Angela Talks About Her Divorce

Angela talks about her divorce from Jesse.

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Death, Sex, and Money Podcast: “When I Almost Died” episode

Astrobarry Horoscope

Women Who Run With The Wolves

Beyonce’s “Hold Up” (couldn’t find the actual video, but here’s a video with the lyrics)

Episode 39: “We Need To Talk…”

For this episode, we are joined again by Shawny, a local sex educator and friend of Poly in the Cities (who you remember from our episode on abuse in kink) who has returned to our studio to join Angela in sharing their workshop on disclosure.  This discussion is really helpful for everyone who is facing a difficult decision of disclosing something very personal (like being non-monogamous, for example) to someone very close to them.  Give this one a listen.  You’ll learn a lot!

Here is the run through for BRAINN as described by Angela and Shawny:

B – What are the Benefits?

R – What are the Risks?

A – What is an Alternative?

I – What does your Intuition say?

N– What if you do Nothing?

N– What do you do Next?

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Episode 38: Un-Learning Jealousy

We are joined by local sex and relationship therapist, Carise Rotach-Beard, who came to the Poly In The Cities lab to share with our listeners her recent workshop on jealousy.  She brought her amazing blend of intelligence and f-bombs to schools us all on the topic and how to navigate this very complex emotion.  It’s a really great listen.

Also…..listener mail!!

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Other Resources mentioned on the show:

Irene Greene’s Relationship Workshop for Queer, Poly and Kink

Desire Mapping with Jaime Grant free workshop at the Smitten Kitten

Desire Mapping with Jaime Grant (extended) workshop at the University of Minnesota

“Fuck Yes or No” article about dating

Susan Johnson’s “Hold Me Tight”

Esther Perel’s “Mating In Captivity”

Brene Brown video about Blame