Episode 42: A Look Back on Season 2

As Season 2 of Poly In The Cities comes to a close, Jennifer and Angela discuss what it’s been like to work together, their favorite moments, memorable episodes, and their hopes for Season 3.

Jennifer talks about the upcoming #smellslikesoup story collection campaign for a future episode.

The details for our celebration party for Season 3 have been decided!!  Listen in for more details and keep an eye on our social media when we get closer to June 17th!

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Other resources mentioned in this episode:

Apropos of Nothing Podcast

Manwhore Podcast

Poly Friendly Therapists from the OpeningUp Website

“The Jealousy Workbook” by Kathy Labriola

“Come As You Are” by Emily Nagoski



Episode 24: Kink and Non-Monogamy

Today we are joined by the amazing Mistress Mara, who is a professional Dominatrix in the local twin cities BDSM/Kink Community who came to the Poly In The Cities lab to talk with us not only about what exactly is kink, but how and why there is overlap between that and the non-monogamy community.  It was an incredible conversation.

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Here are some other links mentioned in the show:

The Topping Book

The Bottoming Book

Lee Harrington’s Rope Bondage

Shibari Books

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Episode 23: When Communication Breaks Down

Jennifer gives listeners an update on her dog, Enki (and thanks everyone for their messages of support).  Angela discusses an article on the challenges of living in a triad relationship for the newswire segment.  Today, we are joined by Carey Heartborne who is a private mediator that specializes in Transformative Mediation (and who also happens to be non-mongamous) who brings us the unique perspective of how to view communication when it’s not going well.  It was an amazing conversation.

Here are some other resources mentioned on the show:

Brene Brown’s TED Talk on Shame

Brene Brown’s TED Talk on Vulnerability

Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B Rosenberg, PhD


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Episode 22: What’s With The Geeky Stereotype?

In this episode, we are joined by our friend James to examine what it is about the notion that people who are polyamorous are considered nerds and geeks.  James brings a factual perspective that really gets both of us thinking.  Angela contributes to the Poly In The Cities Newswire with an article by Scott Adam (author of the Dilbert Cartoon Strip) that explores how the concept of marriage is a poor engineering design.

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It’s finally here!

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