Episode 43: Mono/Poly Relationships with Franklin Veaux

To kick off Season 3, we are joined by Franklin Veaux, author of More Than Two and The Game Changer who joined us here on Poly In The Cities to help us unpack the complexities of the Mono/Poly relationship dynamic.  We also discussed the Relationship Bill of Rights as well as other very important details of how to have successful polyamorous relationships.

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Other resources/events mentioned on the show:


Local Buddhism and Polyamory discussion panel in Minneapolis



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Episode 39: “We Need To Talk…”

For this episode, we are joined again by Shawny, a local sex educator and friend of Poly in the Cities (who you remember from our episode on abuse in kink) who has returned to our studio to join Angela in sharing their workshop on disclosure.  This discussion is really helpful for everyone who is facing a difficult decision of disclosing something very personal (like being non-monogamous, for example) to someone very close to them.  Give this one a listen.  You’ll learn a lot!

Here is the run through for BRAINN as described by Angela and Shawny:

B – What are the Benefits?

R – What are the Risks?

A – What is an Alternative?

I – What does your Intuition say?

N– What if you do Nothing?

N– What do you do Next?

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Episode 38: Un-Learning Jealousy

We are joined by local sex and relationship therapist, Carise Rotach-Beard, who came to the Poly In The Cities lab to share with our listeners her recent workshop on jealousy.  She brought her amazing blend of intelligence and f-bombs to schools us all on the topic and how to navigate this very complex emotion.  It’s a really great listen.

Also…..listener mail!!

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Other Resources mentioned on the show:

Irene Greene’s Relationship Workshop for Queer, Poly and Kink

Desire Mapping with Jaime Grant free workshop at the Smitten Kitten

Desire Mapping with Jaime Grant (extended) workshop at the University of Minnesota

“Fuck Yes or No” article about dating

Susan Johnson’s “Hold Me Tight”

Esther Perel’s “Mating In Captivity”

Brene Brown video about Blame

Episode 35: Making The Choice To Be Monogamous

Angela and Jennifer start the episode with an update to Angela’s trip to California for her first presentation on disclosure.  Jennifer starts a listener challenge (our listeners are now called “City-ites”, by the way!) called #smellslikesoup for our social media pages.  Did you know that we have a Facebook page and a Twitter account?

For this episode, we are joined in the PITC lab by long time listener and supporter, “Optimus Prime” who came to share his story about how he made the choice to be monogamous after years of living a polyamorous lifestyle.

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Episode 34: Designer Relationships

In this episode, we are joined by Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson, the authors of the new book, Designer Relationships.  We have an amazing conversation where they share with us their perspective about relationships, non-monogamy, and even themselves.  You will really enjoy what they had to say and we encourage you to buy their book to find out more!

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Here is the link to the “Un-Learning Jealousy in Ethical Non-Monogamy” event that we referenced at the top of the show.

We also talked a bit about eye gazing and Angela referenced performance artist Marina Abramovic’s exhibit in which she did such an exercise with members of the public at large and ended up across the table from a former lover that she hadn’t seen in over 20 years.  To illustrate the power that eye gazing can bring to two people, we want to show you the video of that exchange:

Episode 33: I am a Poly Sex Worker

Jennifer starts with opening it as “Episode 34” when it’s really Episode 33.  Sorry about that folks.  She explains that she’s super tired from a work project.  Brain farts happen to the best of us.

We are joined today in the Poly in the Cities lab by Bee, who describes herself as a muse, mama, mystic, activist, and a full service sex worker with a background of over a decade in reproductive health.  She shares some really great perspective about the sex worker trade, her personal experiences, and how that interacts for her in non monogamy.  Bee has also asked us to remind everyone that sex is right up there on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with Food, Breathing and Homeostasis, so as she puts it, “screw someone today!”.

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Many thanks to Optimus Prime for donating the new computer to the project.  Jennifer is working out the bugs to improve the sound quality.  You rock, dude!!

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Scarlet Road