Episode 39: “We Need To Talk…”

For this episode, we are joined again by Shawny, a local sex educator and friend of Poly in the Cities (who you remember from our episode on abuse in kink) who has returned to our studio to join Angela in sharing their workshop on disclosure.  This discussion is really helpful for everyone who is facing a difficult decision of disclosing something very personal (like being non-monogamous, for example) to someone very close to them.  Give this one a listen.  You’ll learn a lot!

Here is the run through for BRAINN as described by Angela and Shawny:

B – What are the Benefits?

R – What are the Risks?

A – What is an Alternative?

I – What does your Intuition say?

N– What if you do Nothing?

N– What do you do Next?

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Episode 37: Real Talk About STI’s

In this episode, we are joined by our two friends — Lindsey, a sex educator from the Family Tree Clinic and Laura Rademacher of Sky Hill Therapy (you folks remember her from Episode 29, right?).  Our two awesome friends came onto the show to talk about STI’s, what really happens when you ask to get tested, what to do when you get the results, and what all of this means in the world of non-monogamy.

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Other links mentioned on the show:

OKCupid Chrome Browser Extension

American Sexual Health Association STI Resource Page

ASHA Herpes Resources Page

Smart Sex Resource STI Super Chart Page

Minnesota Department of Health Sponsored – SexualHealthMN.org — (includes links for online chats, texts and phone calls)



Episode 25: Abuse in Kink

** CONTENT WARNING TO OUR LISTENERS: This topic may create strong emotional reactions and we want to strongly encourage everyone to listen (or not listen) to your own comfort levels.  Please exercise self care when listening to this episode.***

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO POLY IN THE CITIES!!!!  We’ve made to our first year!  Hooray!

Today, we are joined by Emily and Shawny, local sex educators in the twin cities who have gracious agreed to join us in the celebration of “Sextember” by talking about how abuse can happen in the kink community, how to recognize it, and how you can support others who are experiencing it.

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Resources mentioned on the show:

Kink Friendly Professionals

The difference between S/M and Abuse

BDSM vs Abuse

Consent Violations Survey

The Dirty Normal

Healing Sex

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Episode 24: Kink and Non-Monogamy

Today we are joined by the amazing Mistress Mara, who is a professional Dominatrix in the local twin cities BDSM/Kink Community who came to the Poly In The Cities lab to talk with us not only about what exactly is kink, but how and why there is overlap between that and the non-monogamy community.  It was an incredible conversation.

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Here are some other links mentioned in the show:

The Topping Book

The Bottoming Book

Lee Harrington’s Rope Bondage

Shibari Books

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Upcoming Episode: Non-Monogamy and Kink. Get your questions in now!

We are very fortunate this week to be joined by a well known expert who will be exploring the topic of kink within the realm of non-monogamy and here is your chance to ask her your questions!

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