Episode 46: Living In A Triad with Jeff Leavell

For this episode, we are joined by author Jeff Leavell who you may recall we discussed in Episode 23 last season with his article in Vice Magazine about the challenges of living in a triad relationship.  He has graciously agreed to join us via Skype to share with our listeners his perspectives on what it takes to make triad relationships work, his view on polyamory, and the latest developments on his relationships.

Jeff was brutally honest, vulnerable and most importantly, unapologetic about who he is and how he lives his life.  We want to thank him for such an amazing conversation.


Here’s where you can follow Jeff to keep up on his daily life with his triad:

@jeffleavell on Twitter

@leavelljeff on Instagram


Other information mentioned on the show:


Polyamory study from University of Central Oklahoma (Anonymous Survey)


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