Podcast Episodes

Here is a central list of our recordings.  This will be updated with every recording.

Season 2

Episode 19: “Onward and Upward”

Episode 20: “Relationship Structures”

Episode 21: “Dating”

Episode 22: “What’s With The Geeky Stereotype?”

Episode 23: “When Communication Breaks Down”

Episode 24: “Kink and Non-Monogamy”

Episode 25: “Abuse in Kink”

Episode 26: “SabrinaSwings”

Episode 27: “Dr. Elisabeth Sheff and Stories From The Polycule”

Episode 28: “Jennifer is Getting Divorced”

Episode 29: “Poly Friendly Therapists”

Episode 30: “Body Shame with Virgie Tovar”

Episode 31: “Fidelity”

Episode 32: “The Ask Us Anything Episode”

Episode 33: “I am a Poly Sex Worker”

Episode 34: “Designer Relationships”

Episode 35: “Making The Choice To Be Monogamous”

Episode 36: “Billy Procida & The Manwhore Podcast”

Episode 37: “Real Talk About STI’s”

Episode 38: “Un-Learning Jealousy”

Episode 39: “We Need To Talk….”

Episode 40: “Angela Talks About Her Divorce”

Episode 41: “Desire Mapping With Dr. Jaime Grant”

Episode 42: “A Look Back at Season 2”

Season 3

Episode 43: “Mono/Poly Relationships with Franklin Veaux”

Episode 44: “Buddhism and Polyamory”

Episode 45: “Poly Breakups with Kathy Labriola”

Episode 46: “Living In A Triad with Jeff Leavell”

Episode 47: “Polyamory Podcasting with Cunning Minx”

Episode 48: “Compersion with Jillan Deri”

Episode 49: “Intersection of Race and Polyamory with Kevin Patterson”

Episode 50: “#ItTakesASexyVillage”

Episode 51: “Male Bisexuality with Cooper Beckett”

From The Archives: Abuse In Kink

From The Archives: Fidelity

From The Archives: Buddhism and Polyamory

Episode 52: “The Places You Will Go”

4 thoughts on “Podcast Episodes

    1. Hi there!

      No. The episodes from Season 1 are not available, but we are working on creating a “best of” compilation that will be available to listen at the launch of Season 3 this summer.


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