Episode 33: I am a Poly Sex Worker

Jennifer starts with opening it as “Episode 34” when it’s really Episode 33.  Sorry about that folks.  She explains that she’s super tired from a work project.  Brain farts happen to the best of us.

We are joined today in the Poly in the Cities lab by Bee, who describes herself as a muse, mama, mystic, activist, and a full service sex worker with a background of over a decade in reproductive health.  She shares some really great perspective about the sex worker trade, her personal experiences, and how that interacts for her in non monogamy.  Bee has also asked us to remind everyone that sex is right up there on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with Food, Breathing and Homeostasis, so as she puts it, “screw someone today!”.

You can leave us a voicemail or text message by calling (507) 556-7659 or you can send us a message directly by going to our Contact Us link.

Many thanks to Optimus Prime for donating the new computer to the project.  Jennifer is working out the bugs to improve the sound quality.  You rock, dude!!

Links mentioned on the show:

Scarlet Road

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