Our Own True Colors: A Symbol for Black Polyamory

I’m very thankful this symbol exists and what it represents. The poly subculture in the Twin Cities is very mono. At times I feel my blackness has to take a back seat to bring poly. This symbol will help me and others remember that we bring all of who we are to poly and we can be proud of all of it.


Happy 2015!!


What’s new with ‘Black & Poly’ for this brand new year?

There are a few things – and a we have reason to CELEBRATE! First, we have a new ‘Black & Poly’ Art Department. Next, we welcome David McLeod, the newly-named Art Director of said department. The Raleigh, NC native, former Army Officer lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife where they both are discovering polyamory as the love-style that suits them. For someone relatively new to polyamory, McLeod really knows how to represent. He has designed a new symbol for our community. We are very pleased to introduce to you the International Black Polyamory Flag. He recently shared his thoughts on the emblem.

B&P Flag Masterfile

Black & Poly: When and how did you get the idea to create the International Black Polyamory Flag?

David McLeod: Actually, I responded to a call for Graphic…

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