An Open Letter to Jealousy

This is very raw and honest. Totally worth the read!

Living and Learning in an Open Lifestyle

 This piece was originally written as a journal entry on another site where I maintain a blog.  It was written in Jan 2014.  At the time I wrote this, I didn’t realize that the strong feelings I was having were warning signs of something much more serious than run of the mill jealousy…

Dear Jealousy – so, what exactly do you hope to accomplish by making me so angry and so blind when I am getting what I have always wanted? I have a strong, beautiful woman in my life who is open and honest enough to let me know that she likes sex and she likes it in different ways and with different people and while I can’t provide everything she desires, I can enjoy it with her and through her. And yet you plague me, you pester me, you gnaw at my heels when I try to enjoy…

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