Love Evolves

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Practical Spirit


As a “spiritual” person (yes, I use that term very loosely) one of my big things… one of the things I like to talk and think and feel into most is unconditional love. This is a topic we will likely spend much time chatting about here. For me, unconditional love is the ultimate spiritual experience. It is the closest we can ever get to God and to each other in this human skin we run around in.

One of the natural evolutions of my practice is compersion. If you are not familiar with this term that’s ok! Most people aren’t. Compersion is a term mostly used by the polyamorous community (If you don’t know what polyamorous means I encourage you to go on a Google adventure before you read any further). Compersion is an experience of joy when your romantic/sexual partner engages in an experience with another romantic/sexual partner.


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