Uphill Battle

Hey Friends!

Welp, iTunes magically lost our podcast after approving it, so we have to go through that nightmare again. One side comment the engineer from Apple mentioned is that if our feed contains a hyperlink for download, that we may experience some trouble.

Here’s where it gets frustrating….

Apparently there’s a vast difference between registering a website on WordPress.com vs WordPress.org, most of which stems around features that can be offered. We are registered through the .com, which means that we lack the ability to use plugins to allow people to download rather than stream. They do offer, of course, the ability to switch for a nominal fee, but that’s just not something that we can afford to do at this time.

So let’s split the baby. We want to honor your requests to provide a link, but that will have to be in a separate post from the actual episode. It’s not a huge difference for you, but it’s an added step and we are so sorry.

Just be patient with us as we figure this out. Have we told you guys lately how awesome you are? No? Well, you guys are so awesome!!

Much love,

Amy, Craig, and Jennifer

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